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Baby service. The principle of the Montessori system

NewbornThat is the most important principle of a Maria Montessori: any child develops at its sole, absolute individual outline in a specially prepared environment. Complete way of benefits, which are equipped with the group holds more than a dozen sheets. A task of a tutor to help the child organize their activities however that creativity has received the maximum progress.Most of a materials and assignments based on a principle of self-correction: a newborn himself sees his error, and does not get a bad grade by an adult. "Help me do it myself" - this is a principle of a Montessori classes. In this instructional area consists of 5 basic areas, which we will discuss in more detail.  Like Child.articles:Child upkeep. Is it possible to dye your hair nursing motherChildChild maintenance. LactationChildMassage for babiesNewborn.

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